Mango with Green Tea

Lipton Cold Brew with Mango + Green Tea- 15 biodegradable teabags.

Jazz up your tap water with this clever tea bag that’s been expertly blended to boost your tap water with a delicate, fruity taste in mere minutes!

Rainforest Alliance Certified

We’ve combined real fruit pieces with green tea leaves and natural herbal flavourings for a tropical mango twist on your boring old tap water. Made with Rainforest Alliance Certified ™ tea and sustainably sourced fruit and herbal ingredients. Our teabags have been specially heat-treated to brew safely (and deliciously!) in cold water.


Enjoying our delicious cold brew teas is simple – all you need is cold water, a reusable bottle or glass and one of our nifty teabags!


Step 1: Separate the tag from the teabag and pop the bag into your 500ml water bottle. Holding the tag securely so that it doesn’t fall in as you then top up with 500ml cold water.

Step 2: Pop the lid on your bottle with the tag on the outside (the string’s nice and thin so it shouldn’t stop your bottle from sealing tightly!). You may swirl gently to help the tea leaves unfurl for a faster brew, but do not shake as this may cause the bag to tear.

Step 3: Leave to brew for as long as you fancy to get the perfect strength, whilst you go about your day. Just make sure you remove your teabag within 8 hours of brewing!

Step 4: Use the tag to remove your teabag and enjoy the crisp, refreshing flavour of your freshly brewed tea, safe in the knowledge that it’s sugar and calorie free. 


Step 1: Grab a glass, separate the tag from the teabag and pop the bag end into 500ml cold water. Hold the tag against the edge of the glass to stop it from dropping in.

Step 2: Leave to rest for a few minutes so the tea leaves can unfurl. You can use a spoon to gently stir, or simply dunk using the string to speed things along if you’re in a hurry, but your tea’s best left to do its thing while you do yours. Brew to taste for anything from 5 minutes to 8 hours (but not a minute longer than that, please!).

Step 3: Remove the teabag using string and tag, and enjoy within 8 hours of brewing. Feeling fancy? Why not pimp up your brew with a wedge of lime, some fresh fruit or a handful of ice cubes? Our cold brews also make a great soft drink for barbecues and picnics – just add one bag for every 500ml to a jug.

Cold Brew water enhancer with green tea and natural flavourings. INGREDIENTS: Green tea (25%)¹, lemongrass, natural flavouring, apple, rooibos, peppermint, sweet blackberry leaf, chicory root, mango (2%). ¹Rainforest Alliance Certified™

What Makes Us Different

What make us Different

The delicious flavours are made with all-natural ingredients. They’re free from sugar or artificial sweetners.

We're from here

We 're from here    

The delicious flavours are made with all-natural ingredients. They’re free from sugar or artificial sweetners.


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